Field Description Notes standardAnnouncement true or false true to use standard announcements provided by TEVOX false to use announcements uploaded (and named) by you via the TEVOX customer portal announcementName The name of the announcement Please use the TEVOX customer portal to look up the announcements available to you

Request (from our dialplan server to your server) Field Description Notes customerNumber Your customer number (the same value you see in parentheses in the top right corner of the TEVOX customer portal) Please verify with every request accessKey The access key you chose in the initial setup of the API Routing Control block (via TEVOX customer

When you receive a request, you have a time frame of (currently) 30 seconds to respond. Please note, that between the time the dialplan server enters the block until a response is received, the call does nothing – so it’s in your best interest to respond as quickly as possible. For the same reason, if you

Icon The content-type for all HTTP(s) requests and responses in this API is “application/json”. Basic example When a call enters the API Routing Control block, a POST request is sent from our “dialplan server” to your server (in our example, to ). Example: Request 0 { “customerNumber” : 200000, “accessKey” : “someSecret”, “variables” :

TEVOX allows to delegate the call control (partially) to a customer’s own server. This functionality is enabled by inserting an API Routing Control block into a routing configuration (using the TEVOX customer portal): Target: Your server’s address (always https!), together with the URL path which will receive POST requests from our servers. Access Key: An

Alle Requests von und zu der TEVOX API nutzen die Basis HTTPs Authentifizierung: Access-Key = Authentifizierungsschlüssel, welches im CustomerControl definiert wird. Standard URL für den Aufruf von Requests lautet: Aus Sicherheitsgründen unterstützt die TEVOX API nur https-Verbindungen. [webrtc]

Die TEVOX API (Application Programming Interface – Programmierschnittstelle) ist eine web-basierte Programmierschnittstelle und basiert auf HTTPs-Methoden. Mit der API können Sie Ihre Applikationen und Ihr System einfach mit der TEVOX Cloud Communications Plattform verbinden. Sie nutzen dabei jegliche HTTP Clients von jeglichen Programmiersprachen. Eine direkte Interaktion von Ihrem Browser mit der API ist ebenfalls möglich.